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Communications / List Manager

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Crista is managing editor for the IDL SIG newsletter. Crista has taught for eighteen years, the last eight of which have been at The University of the West Indies: She leads the Communications across the Curriculum programme for the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

When Crista is not working, you can find her cooking; reading, in particular West Indian Literature; and more recently dabbling in acrylics-as opposed to painting with them!

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Student Outreach




Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn)

jamye self portrait 001Jamye Sagan currently serves as  social media and surveys manager for the IDL SIG, and is a senior member of STC. She served as a co-manager of the SIG from 2010-12. At work, she uses her tech comm skills to make sense out of the seemingly senseless.

At play, she uses sticks and hooks to transform yarn into pretty objects.

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Training Evaluations

preeti_Dec10Preeti served as Co-Manager for IDL-SIG 2012-2014. Preeti is an independent consultant and an STC Associate Fellow. You can reach her at


Headshot-JB 20141019 500pxJames Bousquet is the immediate past IDL SIG treasurer.

He switched from software engineering to tech comm eight years ago, and has been a technical trainer for the last two. He also volunteers with the STC Southwestern Ontario Chapter and Fluxible, a UX design conference. He makes time to run, cook, travel, and play the highland bagpipes.

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