Volunteer Opportunities

We need you, IDL SIG Members:

Our IDL SIG is a very special group of people within STC, consistently recognized as a fun community to belong to, as well as one that is beneficial to our careers. The old saying “you get out what you put in” is so true, but I would say you get back *more* than what you put in. Even the smaller volunteer tasks make our community more valuable to each of us. Invest a bit of your time and see!


The treasurer manages the SIG's finances, reconciles SIG expense records with STC's accounting records, processes expense reimbursement requests from SIG leaders, submits regular reports to the leadership team on SIG financial transactions, provides insights and advice on good financial stewardship for the SIG, and works with the co-managers to prepare the annual SIG budget.

Programs Leader

As a virtual community, our program of webinars helps us provide value-adding educational opportunities for our members. Our program leader researches opportunities for presentations, seeks and recruits presenters, publicizes upcoming programs using Eventbrite and social media, and works with presenters to schedule and manage each webinar using Adobe Connect. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what topics are of greatest interest to our members, and meet some of the most knowledgeable techcomm professionals and instructional designers in the industry. And you don’t have to do this all by yourself – you can convene a team to help us offer great programs!

Please send an email to manager@nullstcidlsig.org if you can help with any of these jobs.