We had a blast at #STC18!

Co-manager's post by Viqui Dill, Senior member

We had a blast at #STC18! Here are photos of our trip and a video of our very first Facebook Live experience.

Were you at the annual business meeting? Did you notice that our sign had a typo? Please see this post with links to our slides, brochures, and feedback survey.

At the Summit, we were delighted to welcome our newest superstar volunteer, Kelly Smith, as our newsletter editor. Smith is a rising star in STC and a contributing writer to the Intercom, STC Southern Michigan blog, and other publications. Follow her on Twitter and check out her review of the Summit. Many thanks to departing editor, Crista Mohammed. Read the citation in her DSSA award from 2017 for more about her contributions.

We tweeted out a special message to our leaders who couldn't make it this year. We missed you Lori Meyer, Marcia Shannon, Maralee Sauter, Sylvia Miller, Sara Buchanon, and Preeti Mather. Join us next year in Denver.

We also had some fun together outside of the educational sessions. We even went belly dancing!

We would love to share more photos. Do you have photos to share? Send them to manager@nullstcidlsig.org and we'll add them to the gallery.

Facebook live of IDL SIG Business Meeting 2018

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