5 Advantages of Being an IDL Student Member

First Fridays at 5: Join the Conversation

May 7, 2021

Hosted by Megan Albert and Anita Matechuk

1. Free webinars

The IDL SIG, many other SIGs and chapters, and STC offer free webinars to students.

Find upcoming IDL webinars at:

    • IDL SIG website
    • STC Slack channels #community-events and #sig-instructional-design
    • Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn

2. Competitions

We run a student article writing competition twice a year. So you could have a published article in your portfolio before you graduate.

Winners receive:

    • Publication in our quarterly newsletter, IDeaL: Design for Learning
    • A one-year STC student membership, including membership in the IDL SIG
    • Article submission to STC’s Technical Communications Body of Knowledge

Review the guidelines on the IDL SIG website, and submit articles to StudentOutreach@stcidlsig.org

3. Volunteer opportunities

Network and build your skills!

The IDL SIG offers 2 ways for you to volunteer:

    1. Volunteer for a Toe Dip position. These short-term positions allow you to try volunteering without a long-term commitment.
    2. Volunteer for the Leadership Team and attend 1 leadership meeting per month. In addition, you can volunteer for additional roles and responsibilities that fit your interests and schedule.

4. Join the conversation on Slack

Slack is an opportunity to connect as a community, stay up-to-date on your SIG activities, and participate in knowledge-sharing and discussions.

To join, follow the instructions on this linked page: https://www.stc.org/membership/slack/

To add the #sig-instructional-design channel:

    1. Locate Channels on the left-hand window
    2. Click the + icon
    3. Select Browse channels
    4. Select Join on #sig-instructional-design

5. Supportive Community

Join our welcoming community to ask questions, share knowledge, and seek guidance on your career journey.

Build relationships with other like-minded technical writers in all stages of their careers and a wide variety of experiences.

Your student liaisons are here to support you. You can reach us in the STC Slack workspace or email studentliaison@stcidlsig.org.