Student Member Communication Center


Welcome to the Student Member Communication Center of STC’s Instructional Design and Learning SIG. Here we highlight our student volunteers who are making a difference in our community by learning to help behind the scenes. If you are a student member of our SIG, or even if you’re not, reach out to one of our liaisons with your questions about volunteering. Remember that volunteering is the way to meet people, connect with others, get great experience, and… looks great on your resume!

Student Liaisons
Anita Matechuk
Ruth-Anne Klassen

Student Activities

Here are some ideas on how to get involved with your SIG:

Student Engagement

Read about student volunteers and the most recent articles that won the Student Outreach Article-writing competition, in the IDL SIG’s newsletter.

First Fridays at 5: Join the Conversation

First Fridays at 5 is a networking event run by student volunteers under the mentorship of professional technical communicators. Some events begin with a 5 to 15-minute presentation to encourage conversation, while others are entirely networking. Students and professionals enjoy networking in this relaxed virtual environment. The student volunteers also gain experience while creating and presenting PowerPoint presentations, writing and editing articles regarding the events, and handling the project management.

5 Advantages of Being an IDL Student Member

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