IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2022 Q2

By Jamye Sagan, IDL SIG Treasurer

How much money do we have?

As of June 15, 2022, we have $939.30 in our account – $646.38 from community funding and $292.92 in our vested funds. 

Community funding comes from the STC office, based on SIG membership numbers. We must use these funds during the calendar year or forfeit them. On the other hand, vested funds come from income we have generated from any paid events we host. These funds can carry over year after year. Continue reading “IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2022 Q2”

IDL SIG Treasurer’s Report – Q4

By: Jamye Sagan, IDL SIG Treasurer

The SIG continues to maintain a healthy amount of funds for 2019. As of October 31, we have $1,759.15 in our account.

The SIG did not incur any expenses during August, September, and October. The SIG made a modest profit from Viqui Dill’s October 1 webinar and may also make some profit from the remaining webinars offered this year.

In November and December, the SIG anticipates the following expenses:

  • Speaker honoraria for the remaining webinars this year
  • STC student membership reimbursements for students whose works were published in IDeaL
  • Virtual Open House door prizes

The SIG is also currently working on its budget for 2020. Our team reviews the budget to ensure funds benefit as many IDL SIG members as possible.

If you have any questions about SIG finances, please email me at

Jamye Sagan
Jamye Sagan

Jamye Sagan currently serves as treasurer for the IDL SIG, and is a senior member of STC. She served as a co-manager of the SIG from 2010-12.

At work, she uses her tech comm skills to make sense out of the seemingly senseless. At play, she uses sticks and hooks to transform yarn into pretty objects.