IDL Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help STC members identify and develop knowledge and practical skills for designing, developing, and implementing technical instruction in electronic and traditional classroom settings. The SIG strives to promote sound design practices and provide information and education about instructional theory and research.


The IDL SIG’s primary goals are to:

  • Build the instructional design skills of members at all experience levels, leveraging the knowledge of experienced members to deliver formal and informal guidance to the community of practice.
  • Build the IDL SIG through a proactive combination of activities that includes member recognition, internal and external partnerships, and awareness activities.
  • Provide a forum and mechanism for the free exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills.

IDL SIG Resources

Resources available to members of the SIG include:

  • Website:
  • Events: ID‐related web seminars; events at the annual STC conference, including a SIG membership meeting and the SIG luncheon.
  • Newsletter: Our Website includes a link to our newsletter.
  • Discussion list: Our tool for posting questions and sharing IDL information and experience.
  • Announcement list: Our SIG leadership’s tool for announcing such things as a new newsletter, upcoming SIG conference activities, and other important items that just require a quick, one‐way message (no discussion).
  • Social media: Our social media links can be found on our home web page. Connect through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, and more.

IDL-SIG Leadership Team

Connect with anyone in the leadership team about the IDL SIG by visiting About / IDL Leaders & Committees on our website.