We had a blast at #STC17!

We had a blast at #STC17!

Here are a  few photos of our adventures. Photos by Jason Dixson and more are available on the STC Office Flickr site.

Want to see the slides from our face to face meeting? We have them posted.

Crista Mohammed Receives STC Distinguished SIG Service Award

We are proud to announce that our SIG Newsletter manager, Crista Mohammed, has received the STC Distinguished SIG Service Award (DSSA). The DSSA, Distinguished Chapter Service Awards, and Distinguished Community Service for Students Awards are given annually by STC to members who have offered extensive service and exemplary commitment to their communities. Each community nominates one or more of its members for an award. The nominations are submitted to STC and evaluated, and nominee recommendations are presented to the STC board of directors for approval.

Crista took on the job of Managing Editor and revived the IDL SIG newsletter, “IDeaL: Design for Learning,” at a time when everything was changing. She learned WordPress from the ground up and managed the conversion from a PDF-by- email format to our new online newsblog. And she did it from Trinidad, where she has to stay up late at night to join SIG conference calls.

She continues to show a high level of professionalism and stamina when quarterly, she has to request articles from SIG members and leaders (which can be like pulling teeth!)

Crista's citation reads:

For your ingenuity and dedication in bringing the “IDeaL: Design for Learning” newsletter back to life in its online incarnation.

Our deepest thanks to Crista for her service to the IDL SIG -- and heartiest congratulations on your well-deserved DSSA award!

Slides from our #STC17 IDL SIG meeting

We had a blast at the #STC17 Summit. Here are slides from our meeting.

stc-idl-sig-2017 Business Meeting Presentation

The Newsletter Q1 2017 IDeaL: Design for Learning

From the Editor

By Crista Mohammed

Readers, we are late with delivering our Q1 2017 newsletter and for this we humbly apologize.

We are experiencing some challenges with our website.

For the PDF version of IDeaL: Design for Learning, I thank Lori Meyer for all the layout work. I could not have done it without her! Where we fell short in delivery time, we make up for in great content.

In this issue, we have begun reaping the rewards of our student outreach competition: We are thrilled to publish the first of several student essays, which our esteemed judges found to have clear value to our readership.

  • Leland Stoe, reading for a degree in Technical Communications & Professional Writing at Metropolitan State University, shares ten tips for engaging the reluctant learner. We thank Leland for his sage recommendations and congratulate him on having been selected for publication. Read Engaging the Reluctant Learner.
  • Viqui Dill, in her co-manager's column, reminds us that it is that AMAZING time of year…SUMMIT time! It is hard for Viqui to suppress the programs manager in her, as is evidenced by the event highlights in her column. Viqui lists presentations by IDLers; sessions with an IDL focus; sessions that are of general interest; and gatherings that promise FUN—like the Rough Drafts performance: She just made your scheduling easy. Read more.
  • Lori Meyer, in her co-manager’s column, talks about how you can become involved in our vibrant, award-winning community. Read more.
  • Marcia Shannon uses her Secretary's Column to urge you to join our effort— through volunteering; connecting at the summit; and at our meetings. Our monthly meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month. “See” you at our next meeting. Read more.
  • Mellissa Ruryk, our Jacques Cousteau of Word™, takes us on another voyage into the depths of this sometimes plague-some but indispensable software. In this second part of a three-column series, Mellissa describes how to manipulate sections. My fav bit is a tip on how, armed with an understanding of sections, to recover a corrupted document! Read more.
  • Viqui Dill lets us know what’s hap, hap, happening. In an IDL SIG outreach activity, Viqui shared a case study of a training programme with InfoDevDC—a group of Information Developers (technical writers, training designers, information architects, and project managers) who gather in the northern Virginia area. This is but one more example of how your SIG supports our community of IDL practice. Read more.
  • Meet Kim Lindsey in our return to Member Spotlight—a pre-WordPress feature of IDeaL: Design for Learning. In a midlife career change, Kim moved from technical writing to instructional design. Read more.
  • Jamye Sagan reviews Bette Fricke’s Webinar School: Planning, Producing, and Presenting your Training Webinar. The book is a collection of wisdom that is well overdue, as online training has, for some time, become a mainstay of the IDL arsenal. Jamye assesses Fricke’s offering to be useful in general and particularly so for its webinar planning and execution checklists—isn’t planning half the work? Read more.

Read the full newsletter as pdf here.

All links:

Co-manager’s report: Go Summit 2017!

Co-manager’s report: Opportunities are waiting for you - learn and grow with us!

SIG News Roundup

Engaging the Reluctant Learner

Part 2 of Page Layout: Understanding Sections in Word

STC IDL SIG shares with InfoDevDC

Member Spotlight: Meet Kim Lindsey

Book Review: Webinar School: Planning, Producing, and Presenting Your Training Webinar

About IDeaL: Design for Learning

Co-manager’s report: Opportunities are waiting for you – learn and grow with us!

Co-manager’s report:
Opportunities are waiting for you -
learn and grow with us!

By Lori Meyer

The Summit conference is a special time for SIGs like ours, because it's the one time of the year our members can meet in person, get to know one another, and teach and learn together. Summit is also the perfect time to learn more about how you can be involved in YOUR instructional design and learning community! We thrive as a professional community because of you -- your leadership, your creativity, and your service make a difference!

Our SIG will be honored with two major STC awards this year: the Platinum Community Achievement award, which signifies excellence and above-and-beyond achievements throughout the previous year, and the Pacesetter Award, which is given to communities who have demonstrated innovative work that can be modeled by other communities. We received these awards because members just like you became involved and generously gave their time and talent. Many helping hands just like yours helped us earn this recognition.

But more importantly, involvement is about YOU -- about learning and growing in a community that treasures teamwork, friendship, and fun. Every new volunteer, no matter what role they play, has an opportunity to touch our community in a positive way and make a difference. We are proud of our achievements and awards, but just as proud of the fact that we are a strong, warm, and welcoming community that works every day to provide value to all of its members.

At Summit, you'll have an opportunity to meet and talk with our leadership team, and find out how you can be part of our great corps of volunteers. Come to our community reception table on Sunday, and to our business meeting and brown-bag lunch on Tuesday. We'll be delighted to tell you more about how you can become involved. Until then, let me tell you about two roles that we are seeking to fill as soon as possible.

  • Treasurer - The treasurer manages the SIG's finances, reconciles SIG expense records with STC's accounting records, processes expense reimbursement requests from SIG leaders, submits regular reports to the leadership team on SIG financial transactions, provides insights and advice on good financial stewardship for the SIG, and works with the co-managers to prepare the annual SIG budget.
  • Program leader - As a virtual community, our program of webinars helps us provide value-adding educational opportunities for our members. Our program leader researches opportunities for presentations, seeks and recruits presenters, publicizes upcoming programs using Eventbrite and social media, and works with presenters to schedule and manage each webinar using Adobe Connect. This is a great opportunity to learn more about what topics are of greatest interest to our members, and meet some of the most knowledgeable techcomm professionals and instructional designers in the industry. And you don’t have to do this all by yourself – you can convene a team to help us offer great programs!

If one of these roles interests you, we will provide the training you need to be successful. And you won't work in isolation -- our leadership team is truly a team that is there for one another. Come and see us at Summit -- we can't wait to tell you more about our wonderful community of learners and teachers. If you can't make it to Summit but would like to know more about getting involved, contact us at managers@nullstcidlsig.org. We look forward to talking with you!