Nov 14, 2018 Saying, “Yes, and…?” to Leadership Opportunities webinar with Ben Woelk

Join us for the Saying, “Yes, and…?” to Leadership Opportunities webinar with Ben Woelk.

10:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Mountain / 12:30 pm Central / 1:30 pm Eastern

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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About the webinar

What If?

“Yes, and…?” is the hallmark of improv comedy. It’s also key to our growth as leaders. What if we said, “Yes, and…?” when approached about taking a leadership role in an organization?

For many of us, our first reaction to leadership requests are, “No, because…,” or perhaps, “There’s no way I can do that!” We live in an increasingly fast-paced culture with many opportunities on which to spend our time. Many of us can be quite guarded when considering external commitments. Sometimes being guarded is warranted because of our current level of obligations; sometimes we just have an automatic “No” response. We know what saying “no” provides us: security, peacefulness, free time, and a comfort zone.

Let’s look at what saying, “Yes, and…?” has done for me and what it may do for you.

We will be recording the webinar, so feel free to enjoy the presentation knowing that you can see the recording at a later date.

Intended Audience

The content will be introductory (e.g., > “101 level”) and will also be valuable to practitioner level attendees.

About the Speaker: Ben Woelk

BEN WOELK (, CISSP, CPTC, is Vice President of STC. A frequent conference presenter, Ben has received numerous Society and local awards, including the 2017 STC President’s Award. Ben’s 20+ years techcomm experience includes management, SW and HW documentation, ISO 9001 documentation, instructor-led and web-based training, end user communications, and policies and procedures. Find Ben on his website,, or on Twitter as @benwoelk.

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Sept 13, 2018 Technological Adaptability: Formalizing a Vital Skill webinar with Melonie McMichael Copy

Join us for the Technological Adaptability: Formalizing a Vital Skill webinar with Melonie McMichael.

10:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Mountain / 12:30 pm Central / 1:30 pm Eastern

Thursday, September 13, 2018

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About the webinar

We talk about it all the time, yet we have no specific word for it. We know it is a needed and valuable skill, yet we do not teach it. We see it as part of our technology skills, yet do not recognize it as a skill on its own. What is this nebulous ability that is so important to our field yet so little quantified? Technological adaptability is the ability to learn technology quickly or deal with technology issues efficiently and with confidence. A skill in and of itself that can be learned and taught, most of us are required to demonstrate this ability to excel in our field. The goal of this session is to establish the significance and application of technological adaptability to our field, to provide our field with a common language to discuss technological adaptability, and to assist the individual in assessing and expanding on their own adaptability skills.

We will be recording the webinar, so feel free to enjoy the presentation knowing that you can see the recording at a later date.

Intended Audience

The content will be introductory (e.g., > “101 level”) and will also be valuable to practitioner level attendees.

About the Speaker: Dr. Melonie McMichael

Having been in the field of technical communication for 25 years, Dr. McMichael has experience in both industry and academia. She worked as a technical communicator in Austin’s high-tech sector for over a decade, including multiple stints at AMD as well as contracting work for 3M and working as a lone writer for a small software company. She held multiple roles in the field that ranged from production through writing to print buying. In 2010, Melonie earned her PhD in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University where she taught for five years. Since 2011, she has taught at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs in the Professional and Technical Writing emphasis. With over a decade’s worth of workplace experience and another decade teaching technical communication, she brings both scholarship and industry knowledge to the classroom.

Working in the field as a desktop publisher in the 1990s when technology was changing rapidly, Dr. McMichael was required to become technologically adaptable herself. After entering academia, she found that technology was seldom being taught in technical communication programs, primarily because of the changing nature of technology. Looking over her own experience, she created a course that addresses that issue and has been successfully teaching technological adaptability to professional and technical writing students for six years.

She consults on all things technologically adaptable under the company name Technodaptability, LLC.

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IDL SIG Business Meeting May 21, 2018

Hey everyone who attended our business meeting at the #STC18 Summit. We're so glad you joined us.

Slides are available in a number of formats:

We also have pdf versions of the other handouts:

Join our SIG for just $10 by sending an email to Erin Gallilee We would love to have you aboard!

And if you haven't yet, could you please take a minute to tell us how we did? We have a short survey with 8 easy questions.

Thanks again for joining us. Don't be shy about contacting us with any questions, suggestions, feedback, or just to say "Hi."

Your IDL SIG volunteers, Viqui, Lori, Mellissa, Jamye, and Crista

IDL SIG Honest-to-Goodness Face-to-Face Biz Mtg & Lunch Buffet

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The Instructional Design and Learning SIG is holding its annual business meeting on Monday, May 21, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Come hear about what we offer our members, what we've accomplished during the past year, and learn how you can get involved. Get the most out of your STC membership: meet fellow SIG members face-to-face. Wondering how a SIG works, why people belong to them? Come check us out!


Celebration 4, Hyatt Orlando Hotel
9801 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819


11:30 AM - 1:00 PM EDT


Free (but you must pre-register as we need firm numbers on May 19)


  • Cream of tomato and basil soup, oyster crackers, shaved parmesan
  • Build your own salad bar to include: sliced grilled chicken, chopped egg, kidney beans, and diced ham, mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots and peppers, chef's selection of dressings
  • Freshly baked rolls
  • Assorted cookies
  • Fudge brownies
  • Freshly brewed iced tea

Come join us for soup, salad, and schmoozing at our honest-to-goodness face-to-face business meeting and lunch buffet!

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You're personally invited!

The Newsletter Q1 2018 IDeaL: Design for Learning

From the Editor

By Crista Mohammed

In this issue, we continue harvesting rich material from our student outreach competition. You know the saying, plant a seed, tend it well and...enjoy the fruit.  We are thrilled to publish another winning submission.

Maria Peter, who has just completed a programme in Technical Communication at Seneca, provides a comprehensive review of usability heuristics as they apply to e-learning, distributed learning and websites in general . This is a great resource for students of IDL and a refresher for practitioners.Read More

Lori Meyer, in her co-manager's column, reviews our  2017 successes . Invigorated by those success, she recommends many ways for you to contribute to and enjoy being part of our awarding winning team. Read more

Marcia Shannon, in her Secretary's Column, shares six easy, doable ways to stay in touch with your SIG and reap the rewards of your SIG membership. Read more

Meet Viqui Dill in our Member Spotlight. You may already know the venerable Ms. Dill. She is a well-recognised STC face, having been an active member for over 11 years (a fact that belies her youthful vim and vigour). Viqui is her usual frank sharing-self: she does not hold back on how she has grown and how the STC has figured in her professional development. Read more

Crista Mohammed  reminds us that SUMMIT TIME is at hand. In her Editor’s picks she shares her plans for Summit 2018--plans that revolve around staying abreast of the field; nurturing the professional within; and friending face-to-face (as opposed to virtually). Read More

Viqui Dill, thoughtful as ever, has extracted all of the key SUMMIT 2018 events for the IDL SIG. Included in Viqui's list are all the presentations that will be made by IDLers. Read More

Marcia Shannon reviews Cammy Bean’s The Accidental Instructional Designer. The title of the book is relatable. So it is when you work in an emerging field: the needs of the market precede the discipline. Many of our careers are thus “accidental”.  Marcia finds the book deserving of careful reading as it is information dense, but that density does not burden the reader in the least. Marcia reports that Bean’s light breezy writing is enjoyable and easy to read. Read more

O*NET program, the most comprehensive source of occupational data in the USA, is seeking experienced Instructional Designers and Technologists to add their career information to the O*NET database. Read more

About IDeaL: Design for Learning