So many awards, so much time (2021-2022)

It takes time to apply for STC recognition, so we are pleased the IDL SIG team came back from the 2022 Summit Honors Reception with a lot to celebrate. Our team and individuals worked long hours in 2021 to fill out and submit the necessary forms. We were rewarded with the following awards and honors:

At the Honors Reception, we also had fun cheering for Jamye Sagan, who received her 2021 Associate Fellow award.

IDL members Li-At (Ruttenburg) Rathbun and Ben Woelk collected their Fellow awards during the Honors Reception, as well.

Congratulations to our IDL SIG members for their many accomplishments!

IDL SIG Members to Present at STC Summit, May 15-18, 2022

Once again, we hope this list will help you plan your time at the Summit.

The following members of the IDL SIG are presenting at the STC Summit, as shown immediately below. Mark your schedules, and attend to support them!  Also included in this post are topics/presenters that could be of interest to you as a member of the Instructional Design & Learning SIG.

Click here for a printable list of presenters.

Tip: For those who are not able to attend the Summit this year, make note of any topics that you find of interest. Then let the Program Manager know that you’d be sure to sign up if we were able to convince these talented and informative presenters to reprise their presentations for the SIG at a later date.



Start time (EST)


Jennifer Goode, co-presenting with Ben Woelk (both IDL SIG members) 15 13:00 PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Leveraging Who You Are and What You Know: Launching Your Side Hustle (additional cost for Pre-Conference workshops)
Alisa Bonsignore 16 09:45 Integrating Sustainability into Enterprise Content Strategy
Alisa Bonsignore, co-presenting with Miriam Williams 16 13:30 Meet the Editors
Meghalee Das, co-presenting with Jiaxin Zhang (both IDL SIG members) 16 13:30 International UX Insights: Usability Testing of International Office Websites at US Universities

IDL-related presentations



Time (EST)


Mellissa Ruryk and Cindy Pao, with Deanne Levander 17 8:30 All about the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge
Jennifer Goode, co-presenting with Bremen Vance & Erica Stone 5 8:30 What Tech Comm Job Ads Say about Skills, Job Searching, and Hiring
Craig Baehr 17 13:30 CCPTC Certification Program Overview and Top 10 Study Tips
Ben Woelk 17 14:45 We’re All Winners:
Technical Communication, Gamification, and Security Awareness
Tim Esposito, co-presenting with Alyssa Fox, Chris Hester, and Liz Herman 17 16:30 Resume Review Session
(pre-registration required)
Jennifer Goode 17 16:30 Keeping Score: Advance Your Career by Tracking Personal KPIs
Toni Mantych, panel member with Sue Warnke, Miriam Williams, and Akash Dubey as moderator 17 16:30 KnowledgeXchange Panel:
Using Content to Design More Inclusive Solutions and Workplaces
Toni Mantych 18 8:30 Zoom-proof Your Presentations:
Delivering Engaging Talks in a Virtual Space
Presentations of Note: Hand-picked related to the field of ID
HTXTOmedia 8 14:45 INNOVATION HUB: How to Turn Tech Docs into Instruction Videos
Elizabeth Raichle Wolfe 16 14:45 Once Upon a Time in Metrics:
Using Storytelling to Create New Knowledge with Data
Hilary Marsh 16 16:30 Content Effectiveness:
Measuring What Matters
Marci J.
Gallaghe, Philip
B. Gallagher
16 16:30 New Era, Same Problem:
Making Visual Content Accessible for Visually Impaired Users