Advertising Rates & Policies

The STC Instructional Design & Learning (IDL) SIG welcomes advertisers on its Web site. The sections below provide detailed information. Advertising Rates The advertising format available on the STC IDL SIG Web site is a banner ad to appear on the home page or other applicable page as determined by the IDL SIG Web committee. Prices are based on quarterly runs. Please see the Specifications section for further details on banner ads. The pricing per quarter for a Web site ad is as follows:
  • 120 pixels wide x 120 pixels high $100
  • 120 pixels wide x 240 pixels high $150
Note: Advertising rates are subject to change. The STC IDL SIG will attempt to provide the most up-to-date information on the Web site. Closing Dates Web ads will run from the first day of the quarter to the last day of the quarter. Ads must be received by the first day of the month preceding the quarter in which the ad should run. The treasurer of the STC IDL SIG must receive your payment with the media placement before the ad will be placed. Cancellations To receive a refund, you must cancel the ad before it is placed on the Web site. Web Ad Specifications Note: Ads must be submitted in the required formats.
  • Advertising dimension shall be either 120w x 120h pixels or 120w x 240h pixels.
  • Ad includes a link to your Web site or e-mail address.
  • Graphic formats supported are limited to GIFs or JPEGs only—no rich media (Java, Flash, etc.).
  • "Extreme" animation techniques such as rapid color flashing are strongly discouraged. Animation is acceptable, but the STC IDL SIG reserves the right to reject excessively garish or extreme animation.
  • Load time should be minimal. Under 15 KB is strongly recommended.
Placement To place an ad, submit payment along with the ad to the following address. Payment must be received with the ad to be considered for placement. If the ad is rejected, the check will be returned to the advertiser. Credit cards are not accepted. Treasurer, STC IDL SIG (Address to be determined) For any other configuration questions, or if you have special considerations, please contact SIG Manager Jeanette Thomas. Policies The STC IDL SIG reserves the right to reject any advertising that fails to conform with the STC IDL SIG standards. The company, product, or service advertised must be related to the technical communication profession. Advertisers agree to indemnify and protect the Web site from any claims and actions based on unauthorized use of any person’s name or photographs or of any sketch, map, words, labels, trademarks, or other copyrighted matter or based on libelous statements in connection with advertising purchased according to the forms of this rate card. The STC IDL SIG does not guarantee future performance of the number of hits to a particular page.