Training Material Evaluations

As many technical communicators are expanding their skills into the area of instructional design, they may be interested in receiving expert evaluation and review of either classroom or e-Learning courses. The IDL SIG offers opportunities for SIG members to have their courseware evaluated through a Virtual Training Evaluation.

This free evaluation is offered online–starting in September after the summer break. You will have the chance to work with one of our SIG’s IDL experts to have your training materials evaluated and receive both written and personal feedback. We’ll evaluate finished courses, drafts, and storyboards for both classroom and e-Learning courses.


Each month we will match evaluation requests with evaluators. To participate in the session, you must submit a completed Evaluation Feedback Form to At that time, we will review the submissions and match you with an evaluator who will contact you to coordinate sharing the materials for evaluation.

The evaluator will spend up to two hours reviewing your content using our IDL evaluation form to check for core instructional design components. Once your evaluator has finished, the two of you will have a conversation to discuss the evaluation feedback. Evaluations are expected to be completed within a month.

Important notes
  • You must be an IDL SIG member to participate.
  • You can submit an evaluation request one time per year.
  • You must coordinate and pay for any costs incurred, such as phone calls, web tools, or shipping of materials.
  • Depending on course size, the evaluation might not be a comprehensive evaluation of your entire course.


We maintain a database of evaluators to cycle through each month, and evaluators are asked to volunteer approximately 4-5 hours several times a year. If you’d like to be an evaluator, please submit an Evaluator Application to

Evaluators will use the same Evaluation Feedback Form when evaluating a submission.

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