Recording of our 3rd annual Virtual Open House

Big thanks to all who attended tonight's virtual open house. The meeting was recorded so you can review it again or perhaps see the open house for the very first time. Here is a link to the recording: Feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested. Help us spread the IDL SIG love around! Download the IDL SIG Virtual Open House 2015 slides as a pdf.
And don't forget to visit our website for news and updates We look forward to hearing from you soon!

A virtual progression? Why not?

Hello again, IDL SIG members! We would like to try a new activity and need your support and enthusiasm to participate. If you have ever been to an STC Summit, our annual conference, you know that there are several sessions called 'progressions' where several presenters each do a short talk on a theme-related topic (such as instructional design), sitting at a table surrounded by attendees. After 20-25 minutes, a bell goes off and attendees change tables (progress) to another table where that presenter then repeats his or her presentation. Usually there are three iterations of each presentation, so attendees learn about three different topics in the session. Because we are a virtual community, we are going to try out a virtual progression. The way we think it will work is: we will have 2-4 presenters who present simultaneously in different Adobe Connect sessions. These would be half hour presentations, with a 15-minute bio break where attendees would log out of the first Connect room that they were in, and log back in to the second Connect room they want to attend. Presenters would stay in the same room and give their presentation again. We would record each session and for the price of attending, attendees (and presenters) would get all recordings to listen later to the ones not attended "live." The whole event would be over with within an hour and a half. We haven't set pricing for attendees, given that this is first time we've tried this. We will likely pay a small honorarium to our presenters. These needn't be heavy duty presentations - in only a half hour, it would likely be 20-25 minutes of presentation and 5-10 minutes for live questions. Presenters would not be alone: a SIG leader who is familiar with how Adobe Connect works will be in the room to help with fielding questions, etc. (plus we'd likely have a rehearsal so presenters feel completely comfortable with the program and can concentrate on their presentation.) SIG Members:  would you volunteer to present at this first-ever, ground-breaking event? It would be wonderful if the topic were related to instructional design and learning, but if you had a great idea for another topic we might be able to fit that in! If you are willing to present, does the thought of doing it on December 5 scare you?  It would be nice to get this done before the holiday season really gears up and distracts everyone from work and professional development. (And we would like to use the event for bonus points on the Community Achievement Award application, so it must be done in 2015.) Because this is our first attempt, we may not invite anyone from outside the SIG... we'll try out the logistics internally first and then do it again (same or different presentations) in the Spring of 2016. It's another reason to say YES! to presenting, because you'd be among friends! No judgement, just support! And those who cannot volunteer to present, does this sound like an attractive event to attend? Robert and Mellissa really can't wait to see/hear/read your responses.  Fire away!

Co-Manager nominations open

Hello IDL SIG members This is the first of several announcements coming your way as we prepare to apply for a Community Achievement Award for our SIG activities in 2015. Your current managers, Mellissa Ruryk (me) and Robert Hershenow, have been a little slow in cranking up the engine on this process (our bad). So there will be a flurry of activity before the end of the year and your help will be most appreciated! One process we are behind on is finding replacements for ourselves. Robert's and my term goes until the end of 2016 so we are really calling for nominations for Assistant co-managers. Incumbents would have a very soft entry to the position by understudying us for all of 2016 before stepping into the role proper in 2017. Please think about whether you could serve the Society and the IDL SIG in this manner, and enjoy the professional growth that comes with holding this office. It would be most helpful if you had prior leadership experience at the chapter level or in another organization. It is a definite asset if you are a jack of all trades, have a can-do attitude, enjoy interacting with people (at least some of the time), can motivate others and know how to have a real, soul-clearing belly laugh once in a while. All the better if you're laughing at yourself! There is (or will be, by the end of this month) a complete co-manager's manual that will explain all the inner workings of the community, including an annual calendar to keep you organized, motivated and productive throughout the Society's year. Our SIG has a healthy reserve and plenty of great traditions to follow to ensure our continued good health, with lots of room to create new ways of doing things that fulfill our mission: To help STC members identify and develop knowledge and practical skills for designing, developing, and implementing technical instruction in electronic and traditional classroom settings. The SIG strives to promote sound design practices and provide information and education about instructional theory and research. Watch for another notice soon with the nomination and election process timing. Best regards, Mellissa and Robert

November 10, 2015: 3rd Annual STC IDL SIG Virtual Open House

6:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 pm Mountain / 8:00 pm Central / 9:00 pm Eastern Tusday, November 10, 2015 The meeting was recorded so you can review it again or perhaps see the open house for the very first time. Here is a link to the recording: Technical communicators near and far: Join us on November 10, when the welcome mat will be out for our third annual IDL SIG Virtual Open House! Drop in to find out what we're all about, "meet" our SIG leaders and volunteers, and hear about the many opportunities to be involved with our vibrant, award-winning STC community. All technical communicators are welcome; you do not have to be an STC member to attend. Watch this space for registration information, coming soon. We look forward to your visit! Register on Eventbrite and plan to join us on November 10th. eventbrite-142