September 15, 2016: #TechComm Showcase: Editor as Collaborator with Lori Meyer and Lessons My Cat Taught Me About ID with Jamye Sagan

Join us for #TechComm Showcase: "Editor as Collaborator" with Lori Meyer and "Lessons My Cat Taught Me About ID" with Jamye Sagan.

10:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Mountain / 12:30 pm Central / 1:30 pm Eastern Thursday, September 15, 2016 UPDATE: This webinar was a huge success! See the recording and slides on our Free recordings of IDL SIG webinars for members page. (requires password. Contact if you did not yet receive your password.) Register on Eventbrite  eventbrite-142   We will be presenting two encore progressions from this year's #STC16 Techncial Communication Summit:
  1. Editor as Collaborator with Lori Meyer and
  2. Lessons My Cat Taught Me About Instructional Design with Jamye Sagan
This is a joint event with the STC Technical Editing SIG and is free to members of either SIG. The webinar will be recorded so feel free to watch with us online and then rewatch at your leisure. No need to take notes. If you cannot attend, sign up anyway so that you will get a link to the recording.

About the Audience

All levels will find these presentations engaging and informative.

About the Webinars and Speakers

Lori Meyer — The Editor as Collaborator: Communication Makes the Difference

Editing skills play an important role in quality technical communication. However, even the most skilled editors need to communicate professionally and effectively with writers. This session explores how effective communication with colleagues and clients helps editors enhance team communication, improve documentation, and provide writers with valuable insights to enhance their writing. Lori is a technical communicator and curriculum developer in Northern California, where she develops and edits software documentation and training. Lori feels great excitement about the potential of social media and mobile technology to build on our work as technical communicators. For some additional background about Lori, see her profile in the Carolina Communique, the STC Carolina Chapter newsletter: One Question Can Change Your Life.

Jamye Sagan — Lessons My Cat Taught Me About Instructional Design

Sometimes, technical communicators may be required to design training materials and programs for their subject matter--even if they have never formally studied instructional design. In this progression topic, the speaker will share photos and anecdotes of her beloved cat Gimli while discussing five lessons she has learned over the years about developing training courses and related materials. Jamye manages communications between the corporate office and the store pharmacies. She also helps design training programs and reference materials for various pharmacy projects. When not “making sense out of the senseless” in the tech comm world, Jamye enjoys transforming yarn into pretty and useful objects and keeping her cats away from her yarn. Register on Eventbrite  eventbrite-142