Spread the word that students can be published BEFORE they graduate!

Student Outreach Article Competition

Dear Professor/Instructor,

The Instructional Design & Learning (IDL) Special Interest Group of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) invites your graduate- and undergraduate-level students to become published before graduating. Here are the basics of the program:

  • Undergraduate- or graduate-level students submit an original article to us about some aspect of instructional design. If we choose to publish it in our newsletter, IDeaL: Design for Learning, the student receives a complimentary STC student membership, which includes a membership in the IDL Special Interest Group (SIG). (Students do not have to be enrolled in a program related to instructional design to submit an article.)
  • With the student’s permission, once we publish their article we will submit it to STC’s Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK). If the editors decide to include the student’s article in the TCBOK, he or she earns an additionalyear’s STC/IDL membership (or an equivalent award if they no longer qualify for student membership because they’ve graduated).
  • Once published, students can link to their article from their résumé and possibly on their LinkedIn profile page,ideally gaining an edge in becoming employed after graduation. See our Q1 2017 and Q2 2017 newsletters for examples of articles by students who have already taken advantage of this program.

A flier describing the program in more detail is on our website. It directs students to http://www.stcidlsig.org/students/youcanbepublished/ to get the entry packet for submitting an article. The packet contains Frequently Asked Questions, a list of suggested topics, contributor guidelines, and more.

Kindly do the following to inform your students of this offer:

  • Print the promotional flyer 2017-2018 and post it where students will see it.
  • Mention the opportunity when your class meets.
  • Forward this post to students.
  • Stress the deadline of December 10, 2017.

We hope your students will take advantage of this win-win opportunity to be published before graduating!


Student Outreach Committee


STC IDL SIG Student Outreach Program Overview Oct 20, 2016

October 12, 2017 “Your Brain on Powerpoint: Better Presentations Through Science” with Robert Hershenow

Join us for “Your Brain on PowerPoint: Better Presentations Through Science” with Robert Hershenow.

10:30 am Pacific / 11:30 am Mountain / 12:30 pm Central / 1:30 pm Eastern

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Register on Eventbrite.

About the webinar

The last twenty years have brought tremendous advances in our understanding of the human brain, much of which can be applied to learning. In this webinar we'll explore what goes on in our heads when we design, create, deliver, and view a slideshow presentation, with focus on maximizing audience engagement and information transfer. Expect a lively, entertaining session with time for Q&A. A handout will be provided.

We will be recording the webinar, so feel free to enjoy the presentation knowing that you can see the recording at a later date.

Intended Audience

Those who create and deliver presentations to live audiences.

The content will be introductory (e.g., > “101 level”)

About the Speaker: Robert Hershenow

Robert Hershenow has worked in tech comm for more than twenty-five years. He is a self-described PowerPoint evangelist and past co-manager of the IDL SIG. He lives happily in the San Francisco Bay Area where he plays music and can ride his bike to work (exercise is good for the brain!).

Register on Eventbrite.