2020 IDL SIG/CoP Demographic Survey Results

By Jamye Sagan

In December 2020, the IDL SIG/CoP conducted its biennial membership demographic survey. Approximately 8.2% of our membership base completed the survey – 35 out of 425 members. See 2020 Membership Survey for complete results. To view results for individual questions, click the link in the question heading.

Years of experience in instructional design
More than half of our survey respondents have been in the instructional design field for 10 or fewer years. About 25% have 6-10 years’ experience.

Level of education

Over 80% of our survey respondents have bachelor’s or master’s degrees, while about 14% have earned doctorates.

Employment status

According to the survey, over half of our members are permanent, full-time employees while about 20% are either consultants/contractors or self-employed.

Career Journey

About 57% of our survey respondents started out in different fields before discovering instructional design. A very small percentage of respondents — almost 3% — began their careers in instructional design. These results show that most members became involved in this field over time.

Job responsibilities

Over 85% of respondents perform technical writing as part of their job responsibilities, while over 60% perform technical editing. Almost half of respondents are actually involved with instructional design, training facilitation, and course development.

Company/client sectors served

Our members work in a wide variety of industries. Almost half of the respondents work in the computer software industry, followed by professional, scientific, and technical services and educational teaching.

ID deliverables produced

Our members produce a wide variety of deliverables, the most popular being online help, instructor-led training, virtual instructor-led training, and eLearning.

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