Manager’s Column, Q2 2023

By Maralee Sauter, IDL SIG Manager

STC’s annual Technical Communication Summit is the premier conference for technical communication education and networking. The Summit brings together like-minded individuals to grow their knowledge of the technical communication field.

Maralee Sautter, the IDL SIG manager, attended this year’s Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, from May 14-17. In the spirit of this year’s Summit theme,Learn Well through Show and Tell,” she shares her experience. 

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2022 IDL SIG Demographic Survey Results

By Jamye Sagan, former IDL SIG Surveys Lead

In December 2022, the IDL SIG conducted its biennial membership demographic survey. Approximately 13.9% of our membership base completed the survey – 47 out of 339 members (as of December 2022), an improvement from 8.2% during the 2020 survey. See the 2022 Membership Survey for complete results.

In a future article, we will briefly analyze the results for individual questions.

June First Friday @ 5: Demystifying ChatGPT with Jennifer Buckley

By Ruth-Anne Klassen, Student Liaison

Each month, the IDL SIG hosts a “First Friday” social event for students and members. Each edition of First Friday includes a short presentation. Jenn Buckley, M.Ed, MBA, MCCT, CPTD, was the presenter on Friday, June 2.

Jenn presented a demo and presentation on ChatGPT, focusing on reducing time spent on creative tasks and navigating controversy around ChatGPT and similar AI tools.

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IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2023 Q2

By Jamye Sagan, former IDL SIG Treasurer

This report will be longer than normal since this will be my last Treasurer report. As most of you already know, I was elected this year as a Director on the STC Board and assumed my new role in late April during STC’s Annual Business Meeting. Since I’m now a Board member, I had to resign my position as Treasurer and my other volunteer roles within the IDL SIG and other communities.

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