Membership Report – 2022 Q4

By Marcia Shannon, Membership Manager

We’re ready to welcome to a new year of challenges and opportunities. Wait a minute, that’s every year, isn’t it? Yes, it is, and we have another chance at making good choices. Choosing to be part of the tech comm communities is one of those good. 

First of all, thank you, everyone who joined or renewed your membership in STC and IDL. Welcome or welcome back to the many aspects and variations of being a technical communicator. If you have not renewed or joined for the first time, do not despair, you can join right now, or next week or whenever your circumstances favor you taking that step. 

When I was thinking about what to report to the IDL Community about the fourth quarter of 2022, these questions popped up: Who are we? Who are these folks who are interested in instructional design? Where do we live and work or work remote from? What hints do our job titles give to explain what we do in our careers? How long have we been involved with STC? As membership manager, I ran our roster through several data filters to discover the answers to those questions. I hope you benefit from these quick views of the IDL community members.
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Renew your STC & IDL membership today!

To sign up for membership go to And when you sign up, be sure to add or choose the IDL SIG.

Note: Some membership categories require that you select the IDL SIG and pay an extra fee. Since we are a Community of Practice, we use the extra dollars to provide you with many benefits, such as free webinars, newsletters, a website, surveys, and special news.

December 31 is the last day for members to receive Early Advantage pricing for Summit.


Why is an STC membership so valuable? by Marcia Shannon

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Can you still renew your STC and IDL SIG membership for 2021? YES!

By Lori Meyer, STC IDL SIG membership manager

We’re well into 2021, and the STC membership renewal season is officially over…but the good news is that if you haven’t renewed your STC and IDL membership, you still can! Renewing is easy: Go to, log in with your member ID and password, and select Renew Your STC Membership. Be sure to check off IDL as one of your communities, because the renewal system does not carry this information over to the following year. You can also change your membership type (for example, you can become a Gold member with additional benefits), and add other chapters and SIGs to your membership. 

Submit online the renewal form along with your payment, and STC will restore your active member status within about 48 hours. Then, you can continue to enjoy all of the benefits of STC membership. And that includes free access to our great program of webinars. That alone is a great return on your SIG dues!

Lots of good things are happening in our SIG this year, so take a few moments now to renew your membership. We look forward to having you as a member in 2021!