IDL SIG Opportunities

  • Q3 Newsletter submissions due September 17.
    It’s not too late to submit an article for the Q3 newsletter, publish date, September 30. Contact for inquiries.
  • The IDL SIG is planning for more great webinars this year, our annual, Virtual Open House, and a workshop. If you have ideas or would like to present, please contact Viqui Dill at
  • For volunteer opportunities, please contact Anita Matechuk at
  • Starting September 1, you can join or renew your 2023 STC membership. Be sure to select the IDL SIG when renewing.

News about our volunteers

Newsletter update
The IDL SIG welcomes two new newsletter co-editors, James Martin and Mellissa Ruryk. They are already working on 2022’s first quarter edition of the award-winning IDeaL newsletter. Paul Scott served as newsletter editor from 2020 through 2021; his thoughtful writing and editing expertise took us through unprecedented times. Thank you, Paul, and best of luck with your future endeavors!

By the way, do you have any IDL newsletter articles that you’d like to submit? If so, please contact our editors at

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