IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2022 Q2

By Jamye Sagan, IDL SIG Treasurer

How much money do we have?

As of June 15, 2022, we have $939.30 in our account – $646.38 from community funding and $292.92 in our vested funds. 

Community funding comes from the STC office, based on SIG membership numbers. We must use these funds during the calendar year or forfeit them. On the other hand, vested funds come from income we have generated from any paid events we host. These funds can carry over year after year. Continue reading “IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2022 Q2”

IDL SIG/COP 2022 Communication and Media Survey high-level results

By  Jamye Sagan, IDL SIG Treasurer

In April 2022, we distributed the IDL SIG/COP 2022 Communication & Media Survey to our SIG members to learn how they use:

We received 28 responses. This article provides a high-level overview of the survey. In the coming weeks, we will publish a detailed results document that dives deeper into each question. Continue reading “IDL SIG/COP 2022 Communication and Media Survey high-level results”

Shhh… Listen to How this Stereotypical Librarian Teaches with Tech

By Carrie M. Macfarlane, IDL SIG Member

[Abstract:  I’m here to revise the librarian stereotype. You might find out that you’re more like a librarian than you realize!]

I recently joined a lively online discussion about librarians. A hiring manager had asked in a forum whether librarians know enough about technology to be successful technical communicators. The question caused a stir–responses went on for days! Some people commented that librarians are smart, but they’re not interested in computers. I’m a librarian, so I had to jump in. 

Library and information science degrees can launch careers in education, law, data science, business intelligence, and more, but the classic librarian stereotype persists. Plenty of people still picture that cardigan-clad woman cradling an armful of old books. I’ve been known to wear a cardigan, but I rely on computers. Technology allows me to use a learner-centered approach when I teach. I posted to the online forum about what today’s librarians do, and I cited a few sources for further reading. (Of course I cited sources! After all, I’m a librarian.)  Continue reading “Shhh… Listen to How this Stereotypical Librarian Teaches with Tech”

So many awards, so much time (2021-2022)

It takes time to apply for STC recognition, so we are pleased the IDL SIG team came back from the 2022 Summit Honors Reception with a lot to celebrate. Our team and individuals worked long hours in 2021 to fill out and submit the necessary forms. We were rewarded with the following awards and honors:

At the Honors Reception, we also had fun cheering for Jamye Sagan, who received her 2021 Associate Fellow award.

IDL members Li-At (Ruttenburg) Rathbun and Ben Woelk collected their Fellow awards during the Honors Reception, as well.

Congratulations to our IDL SIG members for their many accomplishments!