Review of Marketing March with Melissa Pagnotta

By Maralee Sautter, IDL SIG Manager

Melissa Pagnotta is a Communications Manager and Strategist with a robust marketing background. She entered the marketing field while studying television production in college. Several years later, she found herself promoting comedians for a New York City comedy club.

Melissa’s presentation goal was to simplify the understanding of marketing. By breaking down the process into simple steps, she hoped attendees could apply marketing methods to a work project, a self-promotion project, or another promotional product.

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The Distinguished Community Service Award goes to…

Each year, the Society for Technical Communication awards members who have offered extensive service and exemplary commitment to their communities. Each community nominates one or more members for an award around November. The STC evaluates the nominations and presents its recommendations to the STC board of directors for approval. The STC announces the winners in the following calendar year.

We are proud to announce the Instructional Design & Learning SIG’s Distinguished SIG Service Award (DSSA) recipient:

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New member introduction: Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy is new to the IDL SIG, but not new to technical communication. Working as an independent technical communicator since 2002, Melanie is a Certified Professional Technical Communicator with a degree in mass communication. Over the years, she has worked on graphic design projects, software user manuals, three-thousand-page catalogs, copywriting, editing, marketing communication, cookbooks, and so much more. With such a diverse background, Melanie is happy to be here lending her skills to the IDL SIG.

Melanie is serving as the newsletter co-editor, gathering and editing articles for your reading pleasure on a quarterly basis.

Melanie answered when we asked, “What…”:

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Reasons to Join a SIG Today

By Beth Bailey, PhD, Membership Manager

In today’s interconnected world, individuals are increasingly recognizing the importance of achieving goals as a collective group. As you know, professional, academic, or community-based organizations often offer special interest groups (SIGs) as avenues for members to engage deeply with specific topics or areas of interest within the broader framework of the organization’s mission. Joining such SIGs can be a transformative experience, providing unique opportunities for personal and professional growth, collaboration, and making a tangible impact. Let’s explore why individuals should consider joining an organization’s special interest group.

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