June First Friday @ 5: Demystifying ChatGPT with Jennifer Buckley

By Ruth-Anne Klassen, Student Liaison

Each month, the IDL SIG hosts a “First Friday” social event for students and members. Each edition of First Friday includes a short presentation. Jenn Buckley, M.Ed, MBA, MCCT, CPTD, was the presenter on Friday, June 2.

Jenn presented a demo and presentation on ChatGPT, focusing on reducing time spent on creative tasks and navigating controversy around ChatGPT and similar AI tools.

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IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2023 Q2

By Jamye Sagan, former IDL SIG Treasurer

This report will be longer than normal since this will be my last Treasurer report. As most of you already know, I was elected this year as a Director on the STC Board and assumed my new role in late April during STC’s Annual Business Meeting. Since I’m now a Board member, I had to resign my position as Treasurer and my other volunteer roles within the IDL SIG and other communities.

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Summit 2023

If you’re attending the Summit this week (13-18, May), please introduce yourself to Maralee Sautter, SIG Manager. Look for the IDL SIG logo on my name tag. I’ll be at the CAC table (sign up for the drawing), the CAC sessions,  and attending sessions. I’ll be on Slack, so post your questions to the  STC Slack workspace, #sig-instructional-design channel.

We have many amazing IDL members presenting, along with several Instructional Design (ID) sessions. The sessions are listed below.

SIG Member or ID-related Sessions Speaker Day & Time Session Title
ID Kei Tomita 15 May
10:00–10:45 AM
Bringing Instructional Design Perspectives to User Interface Design Education
ID Chuck Campbell 15 May
11:00–11:45 AM
Transform PowerPoint Presentations into Fully Interactive eLearning Courses for Your LMS
ID-Member Tricia Spayer 15 May
3:00–3:45 PM
Mind Mapping Your Way to Organized Success
ID-Member Judy Glick Smith 16 May
12:00–2:00 PM
Honors Celebration And Lunch: Using Flow to Craft a Life of Excellence in Tech Comm
ID-Member Jennifer Goode 16 May
2:00–2:45 PM
Learn to Speak ID: A Brief Introduction to Instructional Design
ID-Member Ann Marie Queeney 16 May
4:30–5:15 PM
The Importance of Editing from Your Audience’s Perspective
ID-Member Michael Jang 16 May
9:00–9:45 AM
UI Text: Simplicity is Difficult
ID-Member Kelly Schrank 17 May
9:00–9:45 AM
Creating an Infographic Using PowerPoint: Let’s Do It!
ID-Member Kirsty Taylor 17 May
9:00–9:45 AM
Comm and Get ‘em: We Have Answers to Your Questions (with Bernard Aschwanden & Alisa Bonsignore)

Announcing the 2023 CAA Platinum & Pacesetter Awards

We are jumping for joy because the IDL SIG has received a Platinum Community Achievement Award (CAA) for the second year in a row. Additionally, a Pacesetter award is coming our way for our wonderful “Website Makeover” plan. Thank you, team, for “making it so.”

See our awards on the right sidebar of the IDL SIG homepage ➡ .

Platinum Award

The citation reads:
For consistently developing the IDL SIG to serve both your community’s members and the Society, and for providing a variety of virtual sessions to share ideas and knowledge.

Check out all the 2023 CAA recipients on the STC Awards page.

Pacesetter Award

The citation reads:
For your “Website Refresh” workshop series including several virtual sessions to share ideas and knowledge, and building on a strong foundation to serve your members.

Check out all the 2023 Pacesetter recipients on the STC Awards page.