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Do you want to increase your chances of employment after graduating from your undergraduate or graduate program? Having your article published with a link in your résumé (or on your LinkedIn page) to your article might give you just the edge you need to land a great job in technical communication and/or instructional design!  Professors/Instructors: Download the 2022 STC IDL SIG Article Competition Promo and forward it to your students or post it in your classroom.

Get your article in front of hundreds of practicing professionals

The Society for Technical Communication’s Instructional Design & Learning SIG invites undergraduate- and graduate-level students to submit an article related to instructional design for publication in our quarterly newsletter, IDeaL: Design for Learning. Besides having your article published in a professional publication read by hundreds of practicing instructional designers, you will receive a one-year complimentary STC student membership, which includes a membership in the IDL SIG.

And that’s not all. Judges in our competition will recommend whether you should submit your article to the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK). If your article is accepted for inclusion in the TCBOK, you will earn an additional one-year STC/IDL membership! You can also insert another link to your article in the TCBOK in your résumé or online portfolio, which is available for reference by thousands of professional technical communicators.

Here is what L. Stoe said about having his article published in our newsletter:

Being published under the Student Outreach Program provided a forum for me to apply and test my skills learned in my classes in Technical Communication & Professional Writing. The competitive process was fun and increased my self-confidence. I printed the published article and showed it as I interviewed for a new position as a technical publications writer just last month. I got the job and definitely feel that the published article helped me. Having a published article to show others strengthens any portfolio. I encourage others to go for it . . . I cannot overstate how nice it was to show my article during my interviews. (Read his article at .)

To enter the Student Outreach Article Competition:

    1. Download the complete Entry Package 2022 from this page. The package contains:
      • Contributor Guidelines.
      • A list of topics in Instructional Design. Note: if you choose a topic that is not on our list, you must get pre-approval of your topic by email as above.
      • Frequently Asked Questions. If the FAQs do not answer your question, email us at
      • The 2022 Submission Form (complete and submit with your article).
      • A final checklist.
    2. After writing your article without exceeding 2,500 words, use the final checklist in the entry package to ensure your article adheres to all guidelines.
    3. Send your article, the submission form, and any graphic files to by Friday, February 25, 2022.

Professors/Instructors: Download the 2022 STC IDL SIG Article Competition Promo and post it where students can see it.


Good luck!

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