Thinking Back on My Student Article Writing Competition Experience, One Year Later

By Ruth-Anne Klassen, Student Liaison

As we coordinate this year’s IDL Student Article Writing Competition (SAWC), I am reflecting on my experience entering a piece in the 2022 competition. The process of presenting my topic and submitting an article seemed insignificant to me. However, the experience seemed more impressive when my article continued for publishing in STC’s newsletter. I hope to encourage potential contestants in the competition, and other new technical communicators, to expose their work to new audiences.


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2022 SIG award recipients!

By Maralee Sautter, IDL SIG Manager

It gives me great pleasure to announce the recipients of IDL SIG awards for 2022. These are SIG-specific awards to celebrate the contributions of our great volunteers and make recognition within the reach of more SIG members. Awards are given to outstanding volunteers who work hard to make our SIG the amazing community that it is.

There are two awards that may be given for the calendar year:

  • SIG Volunteer Achievement Award recognizes the services of a SIG volunteer over time. To be eligible, the recipient demonstrates consistent service to the SIG over a period of two or more years, either as a volunteer in a recurring role, or as a volunteer who has served in many ways without having held an elected office or appointed position.
  • SIG New Volunteer Award recognizes a SIG member who demonstrates consistent service in a short period of time. To be eligible, the recipient needs to be a SIG member for longer than one year, but who has offered significant volunteer activity for the first time in the history of their membership.

This year’s winners are…

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