Another Set of Eyes: Training Material Evaluations

by Jamye Sagan   jamye self portrait 001

Within the IDL SIG, we offer a variety of programs and services to our members, including Training Material Evaluations, which won a Pacesetter Award in 2011. In this program, IDL SIG members can have their training materials evaluated by an IDL expert from our SIG. We offer this at no charge to our members. If confidentiality is a concern, evaluators can sign non-disclosure agreements. Materials can be at any stage of development, from storyboard to completed module.

Once materials are submitted, the evaluator reviews the materials and offers written, formative feedback. Participants and evaluators then meet virtually to discuss the feedback. This can be done via Skype, Go To Meeting or any other web-based conferencing tool, or even over the phone.

Who can benefit from this program? Anyone can, regardless of instructional design (ID) experience. Some of us may be experts in one or more aspects of ID, but may need guidance in another area. Some of us may have recently graduated from an instructional design program and eagerly anticipate more “real world” experience. We all can benefit from having a second pair of eyes look at our materials – especially if we are the only ID practitioners in our department or area.

Some of us (like myself) may not have formal education in this field, and may have been tossed onto the ID stage, but are quickly finding out that we enjoy our new roles and are happy to learn more. Tapping into expert guidance will give you much needed confidence and assurance as you take on ID.

A couple of years ago, I submitted a course module for evaluation. My evaluator offered detailed feedback on my materials. Although eventually my work project was put on hold, I still gained valuable knowledge from this experience.

Please take advantage of this wonderful program. For more information about our Training Material Evaluations, please visit: .