A note from the Membership Manager

By Marcia Shannon, Membership Manager

Hello to all of our IDL SIG members, and thank you for joining us!

Joining or rejoining STC and IDL  during the many distractions of end of year indicates your belief in the benefits from those memberships. Despite the worldwide upheavals caused by the pandemic, IDL was still the place to come for education and networking.

If circumstances interfered with your renewal plans, don’t panic. You don’t have to wait until September 1 to renew your STC and IDL. The membership form is always available. If you forgot to select IDL during the joining/renewal process, email your request to add IDL to STC’s Membership Manager, Erin Gallalee at erin.gallalee@stc.org She will reply with instructions on how to make an appointment to collect your payment via phone.

About those member benefits: Each year, we seem to find new ways to offer value to our group. We added free networking events to our well-received free webinar. You have the opportunity to engage with other members via Slack, whether to ask a question or seek help with a difficult assignment or just to trade funny work stories. There are resume-expanding opportunities through volunteering. Write an article for the newsletter, coordinate a discussion on Slack, take on a short-term task from our list of toe dips.

As we ease into second quarter and the excitement of an IN PERSON SUMMIT, be sure to stay in touch. Hope to meet you at one of our many events. If you have questions or suggestions about your membership, please contact me at mstewartshannon@gmail.com.