Cultural Considerations in Technical Communication Training: Navigating a Globalized World

By Megan Khotko

Editor’s note: This article is the winner of the 2023 IDL SIG Student Outreach Article-writing Competition. Megan Khotko  is a graduate student at Minnesota’s  Metropolitan State University, where she is working towards earning her master’s degree in Technical Communication and a graduate certificate in Learner Design. Congratulations, Megan!

In an age of unprecedented globalization, the interconnectedness of people and organizations across borders has become a defining feature of our world. This remarkable shift highlights the immediate need for technical writing that is not only effective but also culturally sensitive. The traditional one-size-fits-all approach to teaching technical communication is now woefully insufficient in meeting the demands of our diverse and interconnected society. The intricate web of cultural nuances and preferences in written publications emerges as a striking challenge for educators. It becomes ever more apparent that a more adaptable and culturally sensitive approach to technical writing is now imperative. Here are three fundamental pillars for instilling effective cross-cultural technical communication practices.

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Announcing the 2023 CAA Platinum & Pacesetter Awards

We are jumping for joy because the IDL SIG has received a Platinum Community Achievement Award (CAA) for the second year in a row. Additionally, a Pacesetter award is coming our way for our wonderful “Website Makeover” plan. Thank you, team, for “making it so.”

See our awards on the right sidebar of the IDL SIG homepage ➡ .

Platinum Award

The citation reads:
For consistently developing the IDL SIG to serve both your community’s members and the Society, and for providing a variety of virtual sessions to share ideas and knowledge.

Check out all the 2023 CAA recipients on the STC Awards page.

Pacesetter Award

The citation reads:
For your “Website Refresh” workshop series including several virtual sessions to share ideas and knowledge, and building on a strong foundation to serve your members.

Check out all the 2023 Pacesetter recipients on the STC Awards page.

2022 SIG award recipients!

By Maralee Sautter, IDL SIG Manager

It gives me great pleasure to announce the recipients of IDL SIG awards for 2022. These are SIG-specific awards to celebrate the contributions of our great volunteers and make recognition within the reach of more SIG members. Awards are given to outstanding volunteers who work hard to make our SIG the amazing community that it is.

There are two awards that may be given for the calendar year:

  • SIG Volunteer Achievement Award recognizes the services of a SIG volunteer over time. To be eligible, the recipient demonstrates consistent service to the SIG over a period of two or more years, either as a volunteer in a recurring role, or as a volunteer who has served in many ways without having held an elected office or appointed position.
  • SIG New Volunteer Award recognizes a SIG member who demonstrates consistent service in a short period of time. To be eligible, the recipient needs to be a SIG member for longer than one year, but who has offered significant volunteer activity for the first time in the history of their membership.

This year’s winners are…

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So many awards, so much time (2021-2022)

It takes time to apply for STC recognition, so we are pleased the IDL SIG team came back from the 2022 Summit Honors Reception with a lot to celebrate. Our team and individuals worked long hours in 2021 to fill out and submit the necessary forms. We were rewarded with the following awards and honors:

At the Honors Reception, we also had fun cheering for Jamye Sagan, who received her 2021 Associate Fellow award.

IDL members Li-At (Ruttenburg) Rathbun and Ben Woelk collected their Fellow awards during the Honors Reception, as well.

Congratulations to our IDL SIG members for their many accomplishments!