2022 Volunteer Appreciation

By Maralee Sautter, IDL SIG Manager

The SIG has experienced an amazing year of accomplishments, and our volunteers have made it possible. As manager of the SIG, it is my pleasure to acknowledge the following members for their volunteering spirit in 2022. Thank you for everything that you do.

Each volunteer has been presented with a certificate with the following citations.

ANITA MATECHUK For your awesome ability to reach out to new volunteers, as our volunteer coordinator and student liaison. 
CAROLINE S. BROOKS For your wonderful newsletter editing skills.
CARRIE M. MACFARLANE For compelling articles in the IDL newsletter from the perspective of a librarian.
EDEL PACE For sharing your talents as a First Fridays @ 5 presenter, website assistant, and student competition article winner.
JAMES MARTIN For your extraordinary powers as chief newsletter editor, particularly with the 2022 Special Summit Edition.
JAMYE SAGAN For your amazing number crunching as our treasurer, purveyor of surveys, and provider of all-around good cheer. 
JANNETTA LAMOURT For your social media posts and leader of our Website Makeover.
LORI MEYER For your magical touch of educating, mentoring, and guiding IDL SIG members.
MARCIA SHANNON For your ability to spin our member spreadsheets into gold, greet our joining members, and provide expertise using your managerial skills.
MELLISSA RURYK For your awesome organizational skills, best-ever Summit social butterfly and pal, and our G Drive reorganizer.
RUTH-ANNE KLASSEN For sharing your many talents as secretary, student liaison, First Fridays @ 5 presenter, and student article competition winner.
SARA GARLAND For engaging in the Website Makeover project as a technical writer and editor.
VIQUI DILL For your Jedi powers as our program manager, event go-getter, and Zoom expert.



For your encouraging support as volunteers for the IDL SIG.

See the 2022 team here.