Stay connected to events, social media, and the IDL team

By Maralee Sautter, IDL SIG Manager

Have you ever tried to:

  • Find an IDL event to sign up for an event and give up in frustration?
  • Connect to one of our social media channels, but didn’t know how?
  • Communicate with someone in the IDL SIG, but didn’t know where to find them?

Perhaps this quick-fix article will alleviate your frustration.

New event signup

To follow or review upcoming webinars, go to the home screen of the IDL SIG website, and look at the sidebar where you’ll find the Webinar/Event Signup. Click Open Eventbrite to access the Instructional Design & Learning SIG Eventbrite landing page.

By following the IDL SIG, you’ll never miss another event again because you’ll receive reminders of any upcoming SIG event.

To find a list of upcoming events, scroll down, and click the event to register and “buy” your tickets.

Social media connections

While you’re on the homepage, check out our various links to IDL SIG social media accounts. Click the icon representing the social media channel you wish to access.
Note: In most cases, you need to have an existing account before you can access ours.

Communication with the IDL SIG team

Have you ever been frustrated with those telephone menus where they run you in circles?  You can always find someone to communicate with on the IDL SIG leadership team. Reach out to anyone on our amazing team by using their corresponding email address listed on the leadership page at Try, when in doubt.