Co-manager’s report: Thank You Notes

By Viqui Dill

Hey everybody! We had a great quarter and fantastic Summit 2017. I want to take a minute to say woo hoo and thank you (rhyme intended!).

We climbed the #STC17 Summit!

We attended the STC Summit ( at the National Harbor near Washington, DC. There are lots of great photos online. I shared a few of our highlight moments in a post on our website: “We had a blast at #STC17” . There are hundreds of photos on the STC Office Flickr site And, you can read more Summit highlights and reflections in the STC Notebook blog .

At the Summit, we had our annual business meeting. You can download our presentation from our website: .

We earned two awards at the Summit. We received a 2017 Platinum Community Award. Read the official citation on our website .  We also received a 2017 Pacesetter Community Award for our innovative student article competition. Read the official citation and see a photo of us accepting the award at .

Another award to celebrate is the Distinguished SIG Service Award earned by our own Crista Mohammed. Read the official citation and a few glowing words about Crista on our website .

Thank You

I want to thank a few special members personally for their continued support and contributions to the SIG. The 2017 awards show just how strong we are and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Dear Mellissa Ruryk and Robert Hershenow,

Thank you so much for your leadership in 2015 and 2016. During your time, we earned the Platinum and Gold SIG awards! You energized and challenged us into becoming the biggest and most active SIG in STC.

Robert, your webinars about audio and PowerPoint are among our most watched and best loved. We look forward to more great sessions from you in the future.

Mellissa, your webinar about Word™ and your hilarious Speak Easy lightning talk were informative and engaging. And we are so happy that you’ll be continuing to travel along this road with us as our new treasurer!

You both showed us how it’s done and led the SIG to great success.

Dear Jim Bousquet,

Thank you so much for your service as our SIG treasurer. You kept us straight and afloat, and were often the voice of reason in our community decisions. We are so proud of you, as you take up your new role as STC Treasurer . Please do stick around to continue to advise and guide us in the coming year.

Dear Maralee Sautter,

Thank you so much for stepping up as our new webmaster. We are so glad you’re back on the SIG leadership team. Your combination of technical savvy and institutional knowledge are such a gift to us.

Dear Phil Havlik,

Thank you so much for stepping up as our new content curator. This is a new position for us and one that is very valuable to the Society and to the profession of technical communication. We admire your initiative in joining our group and coming forward to volunteer. We look forward to working together to strengthen the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge This is a test pilot role and you’ve got the right stuff!

Dear Sylvia Miller,

Thank you so much for supporting our student outreach program. You helped develop and organize the program, then went way over the top to star in not just one but two live Q&A webinars. Way to get the word out to our SIG, to the academic community, and to all of STC!

Dear Crista Mohammed,

Thank you so much for shepherding our newsletter for another year.

We are proud of the work you’ve done and delighted that you earned the Distinguished SIG Service Award . Having you on the leadership team gives us an international perspective and we appreciate your willingness to put up with the technical challenge of having to speak by text.

Dear Jamye Sagan,

Thank you so much for wearing many hats as you support our SIG. Your continued faithful managing of our social media channels keeps us all connected online by:

Your demographic and other surveys help us stay in touch with the needs of our members. And your webinars , virtual open houses, and lightning talks are the bomb.

Dear Sara Buchanan,

Thank you so much for your faithful service as our membership manager. Your superpowers of attention to detail and warm heart for greeting and welcoming new members are such a blessing to our SIG. And thank you for connecting us to the NEO STC chapter and bringing the “Spotlight” series to our newsletter .

Dear Marcia Shannon,

Thank you so much for being our secretary and keeping this crazy group organized. You do so much more than just take our meeting minutes. I really appreciate how you take initiative to document and archive the random comings and goings of our SIG.

Dear Beth Bailey,

Thank you so much for working behind the scenes to keep our discussion lists alive. We don’t say thank you often enough for managing this valuable service and helping us all to stay connected.

Dear Scott McCoy,

Thank you so much for another year of leading our mentoring program . Your support helps us ensure the future of technical communication.

Dear Preeti Mathur,

Thank you so much for championing our training material evaluations program . We appreciate this free benefit to members and we appreciate you for managing the program.

Dear Summit meeting attendees,

Thank you so much for supporting the SIG by coming to our meeting at the Summit . We were thrilled to see face to face Maralee Sautter, Jessica Surdin, Kelly Schrank, Patty Viajar, Phil Havlik, Chuck Campbell, Mandy Wright, Mary Ollinger, Cindy Pao, Jamye Sagan, Jim Bousquet, Lori Meyer, Marcia Shannon, Mellissa Ruryk, Sylvia Miller, and Li-At Rathbun. We look forward to sharing this journey so that we can all grow and support each other in the field of instructional design and learning.

And finally,

Dearest Lori Meyer,

Thank you so much for being our co-manager. I am thrilled to be connected with you and learning from you about nurturing and growing our community. Your strong leadership, patient mentoring, and organization amaze and inspire me. Thank you for taking up the mantle by chairing and running our annual meeting at the Summit so that I could rush off to sound check the Rough Drafts. I look forward to our journey together and to learning from your superpowers for many years to come. Love you!

More great stuff to come

More great stuff is coming up. Stick with us in 2017 as we live out our SIG mission .

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