Featured: 2021 Year-End Roundup

Members of the Instructional Design & Learning SIG are teachers and lifelong learners to the core, which means we never stop learning and are willing to share our knowledge. For the year-end roundup in this year, a tradition that Marcia Shannon started in 2020, volunteers participated in answering questions about their most memorable learning experiences in 2021, and goals for 2022. 

What was your most memorable learning experience with STC or the IDL SIG in 2021? 
Marcia Shannon Yoel Strimling’s Summit presentation: So You Think You Know What Your Readers Want. Yoel presented his research results, which you can use immediately to improve your writing and reach your audience.
Anita Matechuk STC had many great webinars to offer in 2021. The most memorable webinar I attended was Traci Nathans-Kelly’s presentation, Leveling Up: Maximize Presentation Potential.  I enjoyed it so much that I bought her book!
Ruth-Anne Klassen Volunteering at the 2021 Summit was a great learning experience. It also opened the way for me to meet the IDL group, and what a great group they are!
Lori Meyer I served my third STC chapter presidency in 2020-2021, and gained much wisdom about working with chapter leaders. I was reminded of the importance of listening, being mindful of leader needs, teamwork, and strengthening support for recognition. I’m thankful to have worked with a great leadership team who supported and challenged me.
Maralee Sautter STC and our SIG provide many learning opportunities. My favorite was Catherine Wicksell’s article: Original Remote Instructors: ID Lessons from TVs Greatest Teachers and her IDL webinar.
Priyank Aggarwal The Technical Writing Bootcamp by Leah Guren was my window into the world of technical writing. It acted as an appetizer and I am hungry for more now. Also, the knowledge exchange discussion about the tools Instructional Designers use was very informative. It also allowed me to meet veteran ID professionals.


What was your most memorable personal learning experience in 2021? 
Marcia Shannon Probably learning how to use Slack, at least the basics. Still confuses me but practice will make the difference.
Anita Matechuk Getting my assignment back after I combined my skills in creating quilting classes with my technical writing. The assignment gave me the option to “write it any way you choose,” so I wrote it for an instructor who needs to confirm the same information for 25 different assignments. The comments of “I just completed a 12-hour day, but I don’t want to put this down” showed me I can focus on the audience experience and still provide solid technical documentation.
Ruth-Anne Klassen I was so happy that I finally learned to drive and got my license after 8 years of having my “Learner’s” License.
Lori Meyer I’m continuing a journey of learning more about UX writing and how it can contribute to more usable products. I attended a UX writers’ conference earlier this year, which was a great experience. 
Maralee Sautter Using YouTube videos, I learned how to repair and maintain my lawn mower and weed eater.
Priyank Aggarwal I am in the process of learning InDesign, and I’m trying to understand how Slack works.


​What is your goal to advance your career in 2022?
Marcia Shannon Modify my status to semi-retired by finding part time writing or editing gigs.
Anita Matechuk My first goal for 2022 is to submit a grant proposal.
Ruth-Anne Klassen If all goes as planned, I will finish my Certificate in Technical Writing and move away from retail work.
Lori Meyer Three, actually:
1) I plan to continue building my skills in UX writing.
2) Learn Markdown, which some of our developers use for internal documentation.
3) Do what is necessary to put together a solid proposal for Summit 2023, and submit a clear and well organized proposal.
Maralee Sautter I’m looking forward to the STC Summit in Chicago, because I always learn a lot at the conference. And networking is a great way to find jobs, so I hope nothing stands in the way of meeting in-person in 2022.
Priyank Aggarwal I plan to continue building my skills in Tech Writing by learning InDesign followed by Camtasia. I have also enrolled in a writing bootcamp starting in January.


​What new or special activity would you like to accomplish in 2022?
Marcia Shannon Travel to see my family in Maryland and Pennsylvania and New York. I look forward to meeting my new great-grand-niece.
Anita Matechuk I want to learn how to make lefse.
Ruth-Anne Klassen Make more friends in my city!
Lori Meyer I’d like to learn how to draw something more sophisticated than little stick men. 
Maralee Sautter I want to take a hot air balloon or glider plane ride in the upcoming year. 
Priyank Aggarwal I want to build a side business and promote myself as an online language teacher. I would also like to learn how to doodle on paper.