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By: Kelly Smith

I’m writing this about a week before Christmas, but there is no snow on the ground here in Michigan. Still, I am surrounded by the sights and sounds of the holidays, from wrapping paper and labels, to candy, nuts, and way too many cookies.

So, here! Grab a cookie and some cocoa and read on to see what our SIG has been up to these past three months and what we have in store for 2019. A lot of changes are headed our way!

In this issue

Wearing her program manager hat, Viqui Dill provides an update on recent webinars. And remember – as a SIG member, you get free admission to all our webinars! That’s a fantastic perk of being a SIG member.

InterChange 2018 happened in October in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Viqui Dill gives us a great overview of the speakers. It sounds like a wonderful conference!

Viqui Dill tells us all about the Sixth Annual Virtual Open House.  You can read the article, or watch the video where members introduced themselves and discussed why the SIG is such a valuable resource. (Also, there are cats. I’m pretty sure the internet requires you to include at least one cat per newsletter.)

Guest writer Daniel Maddox explains How to Create Objectives for instructional design. Maddox is a former classmate of mine who recently graduated with his Master’s in Technical Communication Management from Mercer University School of Engineering.

Co-manager Viqui Dill welcomes new volunteers, thanks those who have changed positions, and lists the open positions we still need to fill. Please consider joining the leadership of your IDL SIG! Viqui will be transitioning from co-manager to programs manager.

Speaking of volunteering, Lori Meyer announces a new SIG awards program that will award two volunteers for their new or ongoing contributions to our SIG. Check out her article to see how to nominate someone.

Co-manager Lori Meyer bids farewell to that role and thanks her fellow leaders for their assistance. But she’s not leaving us! I found out today that Lori plans to step into the membership manager role, so she will still be part of our SIG’s leadership team and we welcome her expertise.

In the secretary’s column, Marcia Shannon says her goodbyes as our secretary and tells us why that is the perfect role for a new volunteer. Could that person be you? Read her article to see how you can help contribute to your SIG. Marcia is not going anywhere either. When her time as secretary ends, she will be stepping into the co-manager’s role.

Student outreach coordinator, Sylvia Miller, reminds us that the SIG maintains a list of degree programs in instructional design. Want to increase your skillset? Need to find a class or program? Check out Sylvia’s article for information.

I hope you enjoy this edition of IDeaL. If you would like to write an article or book review for us, please contact me at and check out our publication policy.

I hope you have a happy and relaxing holiday season. See you next year!

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