List of Degree or Certificate Programs in Instructional Design

By Sylvia Miller

Are you or a colleague contemplating a degree or certificate program in instructional design? If so, you should check out our webpage that provides a long list of such programs. Each program is linked directly to the institution’s website which contains details about the program. You’ll find a variety of titles for these programs, including educational technology, instructional technology, instructional systems technology, instructional design, and more. You’ll also find that some institutions offer online-only programs, while others provide only in-person degree or certificate programs, or a mixture of the two.

Sure, you could just search the web for “instructional design,” but your search results will include descriptions of universities that offer instructional design services for professors and staff who do not develop or maintain their own online courses. So, we hope you’ll check out our Education page at And if you know of an institution that should be added to the list, please email me at with the name of the institution and, if possible, a link to the webpage describing the program. Also notify me if you find a broken link. Meanwhile, enjoy!

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