Mentors Needed to Grow Our Profession

Have you ever asked yourself how much our profession will grow if we do not nurture and encourage new entrants?  Think of how you would have grown if you did not have the guidance of a professor or more knowledgeable colleague to instruct you in proper methods of technical communication and instructional design. Without guidance, you may have, like a plant without water or nutrients, withered and died. At the least you may have become frustrated with the profession.

This is what individuals who have subscribed to the STC Mentor Board as mentees may be feeling.  These individuals have created mentee accounts and are waiting for more knowledgeable professionals to offer advice and support. Currently there are individuals who are in college, graduate school, and those wishing to transition into technical communication and instructional design from other professions.

Clicking on the following link or clicking on this STC Mentor Board link will allow you to create a mentor account.  After creating the mentor account, you can search for mentees and assist a new professional.


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