Note From the Editor – Q3 2020

Welcome to the Q3 2020 edition of IDeaL: Design for Learning!

Aaaannd, we're back. I'm sorry we missed our usual publication date. COVID insanity, a move and various other problems stacked up on me and swept my deadline away. But things are stabilizing (I hope for all of you as well) and we're on track moving forward.

Welcome to our new Co-Manager, Destiny Dudley!

IDL SIG is making big plans for October, with our Virtual Open House, coming up October 8. We are launching a student outreach program, and this newsletter features an article written by a student!

Marcia Shannon provides her quarterly Co-Manager's Report, and Jamye Sagan has a number of items to share in her Treasurer's Report.

As always, members are encouraged to submit topical articles. We love to see what you write!

Take care of yourselves and each other in these interesting times.



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