IDL SIG/COP 2022 Communication and Media Survey high-level results

By  Jamye Sagan, IDL SIG Treasurer

In April 2022, we distributed the IDL SIG/COP 2022 Communication & Media Survey to our SIG members to learn how they use:

We received 28 responses. This article provides a high-level overview of the survey. In the coming weeks, we will publish a detailed results document that dives deeper into each question.

Section 1: Social media channels

This section looks at select social media platforms in general. 

Question 1: Which social media channels do you use, and how frequently?

  • Eventbrite: More than half of those surveyed use Eventbrite on occasion.
  • Facebook: More than half of those surveyed use Facebook daily.
  • Instagram: Almost 70% of respondents indicated they do not use Instagram at all. However, those who use Instagram use it either daily or weekly.
  • LinkedIn: Almost 75% of those surveyed use LinkedIn daily or weekly.
  • Slack: Over 50% of those surveyed use Slack either daily or weekly, while over 20% do not use Slack at all.
  • Twitter: Almost 40% of those surveyed do not use Twitter at all. 25% use it on occasion, while a smaller percentage uses it daily or weekly.
  • YouTube: A majority of respondents use YouTube either daily or on occasion. 

Question 2: What do you use each social media channel for?

  • Eventbrite: Almost all respondents use Eventbrite only to register for known events; they do not specifically search for events on the platform. 
  • Facebook: Most respondents use Facebook to connect with family and friends. 
  • Instagram: Most respondents use Facebook to connect with family and friends, and to view hobby-related photos. 
  • LinkedIn: Almost all respondents use LinkedIn for professional development and networking.
  • Slack: Most survey respondents use Slack primarily for STC communication. Some use Slack outside STC, for work purposes.
  • Twitter: Respondents use Twitter for professional use and to share any article links. 
  • YouTube: Respondents use YouTube for entertainment or instructional purposes. 

Section 2: STC & SIG communication channels

This section covers SIG- and Society-wide communication channels and news.

Question 3: Which STC communication channels do you use, and how frequently?

  • IDL Website & Newsletter: Most of those surveyed view these items on occasion. 
  • STC Website: Most of those surveyed view this website on occasion, or at least monthly or weekly. 
  • STC Slack: Most of those surveyed do not use the STC Slack channel at all, but the ones who do use it at least weekly or daily.

Question 4: Do you receive the IDL SIG emails (via Mailchimp) for our announcements?

Almost 90% of those surveyed indicated they receive our emails. 

Question 5: Were you aware that the SIG (and STC as a whole) uses Slack for multi-directional conversations?

At least 2/3 of those surveyed know that STC and its communities use Slack. 


Question 6: If you want to find out what is going on with the IDL SIG, where would you turn FIRST for information?

By far, most members first turn to our MailChimp emails for IDL SIG news.


Question 7: Where else would you look for info about the IDL SIG?

In addition to the MailChimp email, most members receive IDL SIG news via the #instructionaldesign Slack channel, the STC & IDL websites, IDL Facebook page, and word of mouth. 


Section 3: IDeaL newsletter

In this section, we wanted to gain further insight into how our SIG members access the IDeaL newsletter, and what content they would like to see.

Question 8: From which source would you most likely read IDeaL, the IDL SIG Newsletter?

Over 70% of those surveyed read our newsletter via email link. However, almost 18% of respondents do not know we have a newsletter. 

Question 9: When reading the IDeaL IDL SIG Newsletter, do you…

67% of those surveyed read some of the newsletter now and intend to come back later to read more, while about 25% of our readers read the entire newsletter. 

Question 10: Regarding the newsletter, what section(s) would you want to see in the newsletter that is not currently there?

Suggestions include:

  • More education on instructional design itself, from various perspectives
  • Links to instructional design resources
  • Book and website reviews


Question 11: Please indicate your STC membership category.

Most of those surveyed are either Professional/Academic members, or Gold members.

Question 12: Please add any comments you want us to hear about how we communicate news and information to you.

Some general feedback includes:

  • Making sure links work, especially in emails
  • Miss having a discussion email list where members could ask and answer questions. Slack is trying to replicate that function.
  • Focusing more on article quality vs. quantity in the newsletter


This feedback will help us update our communication strategy in making sure we keep our members as well-informed as possible. Again, in the coming weeks, we will publish a detailed results document that dives deeper into the information and feedback provided for each survey question.