IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2022 Q2

By Jamye Sagan, IDL SIG Treasurer

How much money do we have?

As of June 15, 2022, we have $939.30 in our account – $646.38 from community funding and $292.92 in our vested funds. 

Community funding comes from the STC office, based on SIG membership numbers. We must use these funds during the calendar year or forfeit them. On the other hand, vested funds come from income we have generated from any paid events we host. These funds can carry over year after year.

What expenses have we incurred so far?

Since late March, we had processed expenses related to STC Summit, including:

  • $58.12 for shipping our IDL SIG banner to the Summit hotel
  • $260.50 for Summit-related swag
  • $30 for package handling by the Summit hotel
  • $50 for our SIG Summit breakfast event on May 17 ($5 cash for each member who ate breakfast with us at the hotel)
  • $600 for SIG manager stipend to attend Summit


What expenses do we plan on incurring?

In the next few months, we plan to renew our annual Zoom membership. We use Zoom to conduct our meetings, webinars, and virtual social events.  The membership costs approximately $160/year.


We’d like to hear from you!

If you have any questions about SIG finances, please email me at