IDL SIG receives 2 Pacesetter Awards!

Hooray! We received 2 Pacesetter Awards for 2021 for our innovative programming and social event. The official awards are to be given out at the virtual Leadership day on 8 June. While the awards apply to the calendar year 2021, the award year is dated 2022.

What is the Pacesetter award? STC’s Community Pacesetter Award recognizes the successful implementation of innovative community operations. STC offers the Pacesetter Award because the Society values the improvement of community operation, especially when communities can share improvements and innovation.

Pacesetter for First Fridays at 5

Description: First Fridays at 5 (FF@5) started as a virtual networking event for students run by student volunteers under the mentorship of professional technical communicators. The FF@5 quickly expanded to include anyone interested in networking and learning more about instructional design. Also, presenters can now be at any stage of their career.

The citation on the certificate reads:

In recognition of your inclusive and proactive efforts promoting and engaging with students to participate and volunteer in SIG activities with mentorship opportunities, learning, and social activities.

Pacesetter for the Scavenger Hunt at the 2021 Summit Social Event

Description: We held a themed Scavenger Hunt at the Virtual Summit Social & created a custom scrapbook page for each attendee (a PowerPoint slide encapsulating their important events, associations, education, pets, etc.). 

The citation on the certificate reads:

In recognition of your robust programs and strong outreach, with an extensive social media presence that connects the Society and its members.

Congratulations to the IDL SIG team!  You are amazingly innovative and fun!