IDL SIG Treasurer Report – 2023 Q2

By Jamye Sagan, former IDL SIG Treasurer

This report will be longer than normal since this will be my last Treasurer report. As most of you already know, I was elected this year as a Director on the STC Board and assumed my new role in late April during STC’s Annual Business Meeting. Since I’m now a Board member, I had to resign my position as Treasurer and my other volunteer roles within the IDL SIG and other communities.

Although I miss working directly with the IDL SIG leadership team with my specific SIG duties, I’m extremely excited about working with leaders in all chapters and SIGs as the incoming chair of the Community Affairs Committee (CAC). Plus, I’ll still attend SIG events as I’m able.

Now that I’ve had to step down, our SIG needs someone to step up as Treasurer. According to STC bylaws, all STC communities require at least a President/Manager and a Treasurer, so filling this position is critical to keeping our vibrant community active.

What would I do as the new SIG Treasurer?

SIG Treasurer duties are fairly simple:

  • Sending reimbursement requests to the STC office
  • Tracking expenses
  • Working with the SIG leadership team to prepare and submit an annual budget
  • Attending monthly IDL leadership meetings and giving treasurer report
  • Writing quarterly treasurer report (like this one, but probably a lot shorter) for the IDeaL

Unlike STC Chapter Treasurers, SIG Treasurers do not have to worry about maintaining separate bank accounts or submitting tax paperwork since the STC office handles all SIG expenses. We notify the office when we need reimbursement and ensure we stay within our budget. That’s pretty much it.

How much of a time commitment?

Most of the year, treasurer duties take about two hours per month. During the September-October budget season, it takes about four hours per month.

Do I need prior experience being a Treasurer?

Not at all. In fact, when I began my tenure as SIG Treasurer in 2018, I had no treasurer experience whatsoever except being a Monopoly game banker. You’ll receive training on your treasurer duties; we’ll meet virtually to show you what you’ll need to do.

Ironically enough, I became treasurer after our then-treasurer, James Bousquet, was elected STC Treasurer and had to step down. During his time as SIG treasurer, Jim set up the electronic ledger and other tools that made it simple for people to perform their treasurer duties. When I first became Treasurer, I was quite nervous. Over time, though, I became more and more comfortable with the role, and I was no longer nervous. Those tools that Jim developed really helped me gain the confidence to perform my treasurer duties.

And not to fear! You can always turn to us if you have any questions. We’re all Team STC IDL SIG here.


Becoming our next Treasurer will help you gain insight into how STC communities operate and develop leadership skills. If you’re interested, please let SIG Manager Maralee Sautter know at

Oh, and here is our Treasurer report for Q2 2023:

How much money do we have?

As of June 30, 2023, we have $1,678.14 pending in our account – $1,155.00 from community funding and $523.14 in our vested funds.

What expenses have we incurred so far?

So far this year, our expenses involved workshop stipends and student membership reimbursement for our student article writing program. We were able to give out last year’s swag at this year’s Summit.